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Maximize the operational efficiency of your airline through integrated decisions. Optimize the balance between customer service and operational costs by integrating flight planning, passenger connections, aircraft rotations and crew rosters.


Achieve the optimal balance between employee satisfaction and the workforce costs. Enable quick recovery of your crew rosters in case of disruptions. Size your workforce to ensure correct manpower availability under multiple business scenarios.

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Optimize your supply chain, production and inventory management through efficient operational decisions. Ensure that the most cost-efficient modes of transportation are used for your products and that your inventories are kept at levels which balance capital expenses and delivery certainty.

Welcome to Ops-Analytics

In Ops-Analytics we are experts in using analytics to optimize your operation. We have the analytical mindset and experience to crunch that planning problem, which has been hurting your operation for years. If your operation is constantly being disrupted by unforeseen events, we have the methods and skills to ensure that you can quickly get back on track.

Our Products

Most Airlines operating in European airspace are affected by ATC delays. The Congestion Avoidance Solver from Ops-Analytics automatically monitors your operation and provides you with recommendations for rerouting prior to take-off. It also provides you with a detailed 3D user-interface to help you analyze your rerouting options when your flights are delayed due to enroute ATC restrictions. Please contact us for a demo

If your operation involves crews working in various different fixed patterns and with different skill sets, it can be cumbersome to determine if all your positions are covered at all times. It is even more challenging to figure out your optimal level of standby crews for each skill type. The Manpower Simulation application from Ops-Analytics solves this puzzle for you.

Our Great Airline Customers

“At Norwegian we are very pleased with the CAS application from Ops Analytics. By providing us with cost efficient rerouting options, it helps us reduce our delay costs and increase our operational efficiency. It is a great tool for our flight planners.”

Tonje Ree-Lindstad
Senior Vice President IOCC

“When I was given the task of starting up the Airbus flight operation of Braathens International Airways, one of the first things we did was to bring in the CAS system from Ops-Analytics, as I knew from earlier experience, that it would be an enormous benefit for reducing our ATC delays and ascertain a smooth and efficient operation. On top of this our flight planners love the intuitive interface of the application.“

Johan Gauermann
Director Flight Operations
Braathens International Airways

Case Studies

See how we helped the Emergency Response Services in Copenhagen with their Manpower Planning problem and simulation of their availability.

Why Us

Because optimizing your business – is our business.
Crunching your data to enable you to take the right decisions – that is our expertise.